About me

Hi, I’m Amber. It’s great to e-meet you!amber2017

By day, I am social media & digital marketing professional, working at a fortune 500 company & assisting a few non-profit organizations in my spare time. I have a double major in management and marketing and recently completed my MBA, focusing classes on international business & change management.

24/7, 365, I am a mom of the best little lady I know. Paired with my boyfriend and his son of the same age, they keep us busy with numerous sports and other extracurricular activities. Every day is a new adventure and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

In recently finishing my Master’s degree, I’ve found myself wanting to get into things that make my life more healthy and enjoyable. DIY and crafting has always been a passion of mine and has been mentally & emotionally refreshing to me. It keeps my mind occupied, keeps me working toward a goal, and I find freeing from every day activities. I like to dabble in a bit of everything – from sewing to knitting to painting, the list is never ending!

Now entering into my 30’s, I am finding myself wanting to simplify what I’ve accumulated in my 20’s, including debt and possessions, and focus on what really matters. Instead of trying to do and be everything, I hope to work towards doing things that matter the most to me. I will be making significant efforts do organize, declutter and clean using and trying various practical methods and natural solutions. Along with these other things, I accumulated unwanted weight, too. I plan to try new apps, fitness routines, activities, recipes and more and share my thoughts and experiences with you.

Why a blog?

Considering I work on the not-so-sexy side of social media and marketing these days, I thought it’d push my limits to work on the creative side what I do for a profession and allow my personal creativity to grow and be expressed. It also gives me a good excuse to feed my Pinterest addiction! Additionally, it’ll give me some added accountability to further explore solutions in my journey.

What is Essentially Sensible about?

To answer that, I like to look at the definitions of “essentially” and “sensible.”


I’m busy. We’re all busy. All of the things I am doing and trying will be things that I can do, learn, and incorporate over time. I’m going to focus on the basics and build from there as I learn and grow. I am aiming for the essential things in life – doing the right few things in order to enhance and enrich my life and my efforts, instead of continually trying to do and be everything.


As part of my journey, I am sharing with you what I’ve found both did and didn’t work for me and why. Some of which will prove as a solution to me, but everyone’s results may vary. My goal for sharing is that perhaps someone may learn or benefit from my personal journey and that if they didn’t I hope I’ve inspired them to continue searching for the solutions that best fit in their own lives.

As for the logo, the drop signifies the bits, pieces, and particles of the learning and changes I will be making. Consider it me “dropping” knowledge (pun intended). The ripples signify a “ripple effect” of those efforts, hopefully transforming my life to be more fruitful, healthy and enjoyable. It could also be seen as going into a “solution” of sorts. As a play on words, these efforts hopefully will lead towards solutions in my life and possibly even yours.

Interested in working with me?

I’d love to hear more. Contact me and let’s see how we can collaborate!