January Promotions

January’s deals and steals are perfect to start your year out right coming into 2018!

Are you one to set New Year’s resolutions? Personally, I like to use this time of year to reset my intentions for the year from a high level, set small goals and outline tasks to to work to meet them. While there’s so many methods of what works for different people, the new year give us the mindset of a fresh start and I’m excited to see with 2018 brings!

Did you know that doTERRA has lots of products to support your journey, whatever that may be? I’ll highlight a few ways that this month’s specials can help you on your way.

First, the freebies!

  • Wild Orange, one of doTERRA’s best selling oils is amazingly uplifting. It’s also great for cleansing – both your body and your home! Add a drop to your water to support your immune system, or create an all-purpose spray and give your home a nice, fresh cleaning after the holidays! You can get a 15mL bottle of this oil FREE with an order 125 PV or more when you place your order by January 15th and are part of our loyalty rewards program.
  • Frankincense is FREE this month with a 200PV order by the 15th, a great deal that is extended from the month of December. This is an incredible value, as it’s a $93 oil! This “king of oils” promotes peace, wellness and has TONS of health benefits. This is an oil I pair with my face moisturizer daily to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. To support healthy cellular function, add a drop under your tongue or into a veggie capsule.
  • Pro tip: Try putting a drop of each wild orange and frankincense in your hand inhale. This is great for a boost of energy. If you want a refreshing boost, try adding a drop of peppermint!

Now let’s talk discounts – receive 10% off in January!

  • Is anyone else hitting the reset button on their eating habits? Trying to lose weight? Looking for additional support for your digestive & immune health? TerraGreens is an item you’ll want to add to your regimen. This is a blend of whole fruits, veggies, superfruits and essential oils to provide your body with a powerhouse of nutrients. It’s all natural, gluten free and vegan friendly, too! Stir it into water or beverage of choice and drink up!

I also LOVE to give custom recommendations. Tell me what your goals are for 2018 and let’s discuss options that can help support you along the way! You just might be surprised!


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