November Promotions

If you’ve been considering purchasing a kit, this is the month for you!

First, let’s talk about the FREEBIE!

  • Clove is the perfect fall essential oil because of it’s warm, woody scent. If you do a quick Google or Pinterest search for fall diffuser recipes, clove is bound to be in most of them!  It’s also great to have on hand for cooking and great for your teeth and gums. You can get a 15mL bottle of this oil FREE with an order 125 PV or more when you place your order by November 15th.

Now let’s talk discounts! Receive 10% off in November!

  • Another fresh, woody scent this month is the new Siberian Fir, which is a newly available oil. It comes from a free native to Russia and Canada and has easing and calming properties. Use it as part of a massage, or rub into your skin after strenuous activity.

Now for the best deal yet – 20% off select enrollment kits in November!

Want to maximize your investment and get the most bang for your buck? Buy a KIT! When you purchase kits, they are cheaper than individual oils so you get even more for your money! And in November, they’re offering an additional 20% savings! There are several kits to choose from.


The below kit is what I started with and is my favorite.  Send me a message to chat about what might be right for you, your family and budget!
doTerra Kits & Product Mockups


Want to learn more or have any questions? Visit my doTERRA site or send me a message. I’d love to talk oils with you!


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