This is what’s in my LRP box for August. What’s in yours?

Check out what I ordered this month with doTERRA’s loyalty rewards program (LRP). It’s been one of my favorite orders yet!


Here’s what I selected for August:

  • Invigorating Scrub
    • I am so glad I had this on hand this month. I went on a trip to St. Maarten and got a bit burnt while there. I was able to use this scrub to lightly sluff off skin as my burn dissipated. It took me from feeling panicked with my skin appearing as two colors to having nice even skin tone in a day.
  • Rosemary essential oil
    • Rosemary is fantastic for your hair. My hair has felt pretty dry these last few summer months so I thought I’d work this into my routine. I’ve been adding 1-2 drops in my conditioner and it’s been making a difference!
  • Tangerine essential oil
    • I was so excited they finally made this a permanent oil that I bought two to stock up on it. It is my favorite oil. It smells incredible!
    • Want to try a yummy recipe? Check out this fruit dip you can make with tangerine oil.

What is the LRP?

LRP is doTERRA’s loyalty rewards program. You get free product credits (points) for monthly purchases ordered through the program. You get to redeem these points to purchase products The longer you participate, the more points you earn – up to 30%! Plus, when you order 125 PV or more before the 15th of each month, your order will include the FREE product of the month. Basically, the more you order and the longer you’ve had doTERRA in your live, the more you save!

This being said, this program is ultra flexible. The PV I order on my LRP changes every month. With this program, I feel empowered to place orders within my budget for the month. I never feel any pressure to order outside of my means – it’s all a matter of what works for me and I can get the products I want. Learn more about the LRP program here.

What was in your LRP? I love to hear what other people are ordering – it’s great for inspiration! If you aren’t enrolled with LRP, contact me to learn more and let’s create the perfect LRP order for you.



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