This is what’s in my LRP box for April. What’s in yours?

Remember last month when I mentioned receiving my loyalty rewards program (LRP) order feels like Christmas? My box for April most definitely did, as this was my largest LRP order yet. I’m pretty excited about my choices for April!

Here’s what I selected for April:

  • Mito 2 Max
    • This is doTERRA’s energy and stamina complex. I’ve been feeling a bit wiped out lately and was thrilled to find a non-stimulant energy supporting supplement. I’m excited to give this a try!
  • Breathe Respiratory Drops
    • I ordered these last month, and we blew through them immediately.  They’re amazing, and one of the favorites of the boys/men in my household
  • Table Top Displays
    • I’ve recently signed up for a vendor event in June and bought these to add a bit of dimension to my table. I’m excited to share oils with others at this three-day event!
  • Holy oils, Batman!
    • Did I go overboard? Haha! Some of the oils are new to me, and some are to prep for my first make & take event later this month. I wanted to make sure I had plenty of oils to share with others so they can make rollerballs to support their wellness efforts. Here are the oils I purchased:
      • Lemon – This and the three oils below were re-orders, as they’re some of the most common ones to use in many diffuser and rollerball blends. That and these first three are excellent for seasonal threats!
      • Peppermint
      • Lavender
      • Melaleuca
      • Eucalyptus – Eucalpytus and spearmint together is one of my favorite combinations for stress. It’s also a great oil to add to the DIY Yoga Mat Spray, which I am now going to carry around in my purse to use as a multi-purpose cleaner and hand sanitizer as well!
      • Cedarwood – This will be used in a few of our rollerball recipes for promoting a good night’s sleep and focus. It also is great for clarifying your skin!
      • Lemongrass – I primarily bought this to mix this with Terrashield for it’s natural bug repelling properties, however there are a ton of great usage ideas on doTERRA’s website. My favorite idea is to use for a post-workout massage.
      • Basil – This oil can be used in cooking, as well as to benefit your body and mind as it relates to stress, tension and anxiety. It’s also good to use with ear discomfort!
      • White Fir – When I first started I asked a number of “oilers” what their favorite oil under $20 was. This was the #1 answer. Looking forward to trying it out!
      • TerraShield – Now that the frozen north is not so frozen, we’ll have all kinds of outdoor threats. I am looking forward to using this with lemongrass in sprays and in my diffuser on my deck!
  • DigestZen Oil
    • This 5mL bottle was FREE with my 125PV+ order for the month! This is a great oil for supporting digestive health. I like to use this with a bit of lavender when I’m not feeling 100%. It helps tame my tummy and get a good night’s sleep!
  • Deep Blue Rub and Deep Blue Touch
    • This pre-dilluted rollerball was and rub were FREE with my 200PV+ order for the month! With the weather getting nicer here in Wisconsin, I am hoping to ramp up outdoor activities and fitness efforts. I feel like I go into hibernation in the winter! This will come in handy to soothe aching muscles.

What is the LRP?

LRP is doTERRA’s loyalty rewards program. You get free product credits (points) for monthly purchases ordered through the program. You get to redeem these points to purchase products The longer you participate, the more points you earn – up to 30%! Plus, when you order 125 PV or more before the 15th of each month, your order will include the FREE product of the month. Basically, the more you order and the longer you’ve had doTERRA in your live, the more you save!

This being said, this program is ultra flexible. The PV I order on my LRP changes every month. With this program, I feel empowered to place orders within my budget for the month. I never feel any pressure to order outside of my means – it’s all a matter of what works for me and I can get the products I want. Learn more about the LRP program here.

What was in your LRP? I love to hear what other people are ordering – it’s great for inspiration! If you aren’t enrolled with LRP, contact me to learn more and let’s create the perfect LRP order for you.



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