This is what’s in my LRP box for March. What’s in yours?

I thought I’d try something new & fun this month! I’ll share what I ordered with my monthly Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order, and share with you why I chose the products I did.

Every month for me so far has been very different as I explore different oils and products, so it’s felt like Christmas every month when I get my order.

Here’s what I selected for March:

  • The Lip Balm 3 pack
    • I’ve been finding my lips constantly chapped lately, with it still being pretty cold here in the midwest. Other lip products I’ve used lately have not been my favorite and I figured it’s the perfect opportunity to try a more natural product
  • Breathe Respiratory Drops
    • With multiple people in my household suffering from allergies and the amount of crud going around lately, we can use all the respiratory support we can get 🙂
  • CorrectX
    • I’ve been hearing great things about this product and I figured it was time to give it a whirl. With two 9 year olds, I have a feeling it’ll become one of my most used products.
  • Bath Soak Set
    • I found this little gem in the virtual back office under special offers. With beginning to work out more, I thought soaking in a nice warm bath might be a nice way to reward myself. This set comes with a bath pillow and emulsifying bath oil.
  • a2z Chewable tablets
    • I bought these for my daughter to see how she’d like them. I may have snuck a couple myself!
  • Serenity Oil
    • My boyfriend snores. Need I say more?
  • Bergamot Oil
    • There’s something about this oil that my body “needs”. I knew it since the first time I smelled it. So happy to add it to my order for this month and find uses for it!
  • Grapefruit Oil
    • I feel like every recipe I have seen lately contains grapefruit oil. I figure I better have it on hand for when I explore recipes or am longing for something that reminds me of warmer weather.
  • Hope Touch
    • I knew I had to have this once I read the description. It contains Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, and Frankincense, then sweetened with vanilla bean absolute. Plus, the full purchase price is donated to doTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation. Learn more about the program here.
  • Melaleuca Touch
    • This pre-dilluted rollerball was FREE with my 125PV+ order for the month! I love melaleuca/tea tree oil. This was actually my first Touch rollerball, and I am hooked!

What is the LRP?

LRP is doTERRA’s loyalty rewards program. You get free product credits (points) for monthly purchases ordered through the program. You get to redeem these points to purchase products The longer you participate, the more points you earn – up to 30%! Plus, when you order 125 PV or more before the 15th of each month, your order will include the FREE product of the month. Basically, the more you order and the longer you’ve had doTERRA in your live, the more you save!

This being said, this program is ultra flexible. The PV I order on my LRP changes every month. With this program, I feel empowered to place orders within my budget for the month. I never feel any pressure to order outside of my means – it’s all a matter of what works for me and I can get the products I want. Learn more about the LRP program here.

What was in your LRP? I love to hear what other people are ordering – it’s great for inspiration! If you aren’t enrolled with LRP, contact me to learn more and let’s create the perfect LRP order for you.



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