Easy Sticker and Label Removal Using Essential Oils

My family and I recently visited this super cool soda shop in Minnesota. We may have gone a little crazy! The kids picked out a couple variations of their favorite sodas and

my boyfriend and I gravitated to the ginger ale. Ginger ale is one of my go-to beverages, as I don’t do well with extremely fizzy drinks these days. Additionally, ginger is pretty easy on the stomach.

One of the varieties I brought home this time was an organic ginger ale made by Wild Poppy, grapefruit ginger in flavor. It’s definitely different than other ginger ales I’ve tasted! To me, it tasted almost what I imagine a liquid flower to taste like. It was light, and the ginger taste was perfect.

After the beverage was gone, it dawned on me that this bottle would be perfect to upcycle and use as a diffuser, for use with essential oils and reeds. The next step was to get the pretty label off of the bottle.

Did you know that you can use lemon essential oil as a homemade goo and gunk remover? For this bottle. I used the lemon essential oil straight out of the bottle. I’ve even used straight oil to help remove some gunk that was stuck on a shirt of mine. Depending on what you’re using it on, you could combine it with some coconut oil and baking soda to make a paste, or explore Pinterest for ideas of combining it with olive or vegetable oils and citrus juice to make a spray version. I’d recommend spot-testing, especially if you’re looking to use it on surfaces or fabrics that are a bit more “sensitive”.

I’m excited to have a perfect sized bottle to experiment with some new diffuser blends, and have a new reed diffuser to use in areas of my house where there’s not plugs for my electric diffusers!

Interested in learning more about lemon essential oils? Visit my doTERRA site to learn more about oils and the benefits of using them!


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